Heathdale flower 08th July 2022

Heathdale Takes Gold and Silver in Theatre Sports!

Our Junior team took first place and our Senior team came second in CSEN's annual Theatre Sports Competition. Congratulations to all on a great win!

Heathdale flower

Theatre sports is a series of timed competitive improvisation games, aiming to inject the same passion of sport into theatre.

On May 13th of May, the Theatre Sports Team travelled to St Andrew’s Christian College in Wantirna, where students competed against other teams from various Christian schools across Melbourne through the Christian Schools Events Network (CSEN).

After warming up all year in preparation for the competition, we are so pleased to announce that our students did exceptionally well, as the Junior team was awarded first place and the Senior team came second! Congratulations to all on their efforts and for all the growth they gave show in their God-given abilities.

"It was a long and busy but fun day. We had a crazy bus ride there, had warm ups, did one-minute games, recess, two-minute games, lunch, three-minute games, announced winners (Us! Woo!), bus ride (Maccas included) then we were back at school. My favourite part of the day was probably watching the other school's teams compete and perform. It was good watching the way they act with prompts and work together in their own style. I love theatre sports; It genuinely is really fun and is such a great experience. We have so much fun as a team doing improvise games and skits. Not just fun, it is takes a lot to stand up in front of people and just put yourself out there, thinking on the spot and not worrying about looking too stupid, even when we do." Chloe

"One word to describe our day would be: memorable. It consisted of fun theatre sport games, the Hamilton playlist, a Maccas run, an opera man and Lucy claiming to be a great basketball player. My favourite thing about Theatre Sports is the opportunity to be creative and connect with other people." Kalani