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Throughout Years 11 and 12, students not only begin to focus on their vocational choices but, more importantly, on how they are to become responsible citizens. The years of discovery and refinement of talents and passions assist students with their subject selections. Career counselling further assists them to make informed decisions about their study options within the VCE, VCE (Vocational Major) and VET streams.

Heathdale flower Learning

Core Subjects

Students in the Senior years, experience increasing choice and specialisation in their learning. Strong and varied academic programs across a very wide range of subject areas enable students to pursue excellence in their areas of interest and strength. Our College currently offers up to 40 of the 82 VCE listed subjects, which provides our students with broad opportunities in these years.

Personal maturity and responsibility is part of developing a commitment to personal growth and progress in their learning. Our VCE, VET and VCE (Vocational Major) programs enable students to develop pathways to reach their God-given potential and take ownership of their progress towards future study and work.

Heathdale flower Learning

Co Curricular

Home groups each morning provide mutually honouring relationships between teachers and students. Our teachers take the time to pray for their students and continue to encourage them to exercise wisdom in all areas of their lives. House activities for these year levels encourage the demonstration of greater leadership skills. Year 12 students take on the task of leading House music performances and have a high level of involvement in the Battle of the Bands.

Year 12 camp hones the study skills of our students as they enter the last year of their journey with us. The relationships forged during this unique time allows the students and teachers to support one another through the periods of study, exams and SACs. Our teachers have opportunities to pray for and guide the students during this time and speak to the heartfelt desire we have to see every student flourish in the vocation of their choice.