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Years 5 to 6 students begin to experience leadership opportunities as they are exposed to further programs and increased number of subjects within the College. As they engage in House activities and leadership opportunities students continue to grow in self-confidence and greater independence.

Heathdale flower Learning

Core Subjects

Building strong Literacy and Numeracy skills continues to be a priority.

French skills continue to develop through conversation, drama and music, and Latin is introduced in Year 5. Science, Geography, History, Library, Music, Technology and Physical Education are delivered by specialist teachers.

Heathdale flower Learning

Co Curricular

Home groups are an important feature of Years 5 and 6, providing pastoral care for the students.

A highlight for students in Year 5 is the annual camp to Mill Valley Ranch. The camp provides opportunities for students to develop their responsibility and leadership skills through team-building and physical activities. The daily devotion times allow students to discuss and reflect on Biblical truths. These experiences help our students to grow into confident thinkers and problem-solvers. Each student is encouraged to participate in our Years 5 and 6 choir. It is a delight to hear a number of practised, united and skilled voices perform at special occasions throughout the year.