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Heathdale flower Learning


In Years 3 and 4 our students become more independent and more disciplined learners and thinkers as sound work habits continue to be developed. The students are assisted to become responsible, independent learners and develop skills to communicate with others, including teachers and peers, more effectively. Teachers support students to develop their abstract and critical thinking skills in preparation for higher learning, through our core and co-curricular subjects.

Heathdale flower Learning

Core Subjects

Literacy and Numeracy continue to be a priority. They are strategically included throughout all curriculum subjects. Students’ French language skills are developing through conversation, literature, drama and music. Science, Mathematics, Geography, History, Library, Music, Sport and Physical Education become more focussed subjects within the timetable.

Heathdale flower Learning

Co Curricular

Years 3 and 4 students who demonstrate a particular interest in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) enjoy the opportunity to be a part of our Robotics group.

A love of literature is nurtured through participation in our annual Literacy Week which hosts special events, dress-up days, book promotions and visiting authors.

Music programs include choirs, ensembles, orchestra and private instrumental music tuition. The students display their love of singing and performing at various assemblies and concerts. We encourage these young musicians to be involved and commit to these fine and worthwhile pastimes.

Hoop Time basketball competitions, regional athletics, swimming competitions and other sporting events allow students to participate with like schools in the region. This enhances students’ opportunities to interact and compete on a larger scale.

The annual Science Talent Search is introduced for students in Years 3 to 6, enabling them to think broadly and enhance their creative problem-solving skills.

Various incursions and excursions are chosen for our students to complement and enhance the curriculum.