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The beginning of secondary education at Heathdale sees our students growing as independent, self-disciplined, creative and enthusiastic learners who take on greater responsibility for their learning. This is central to the vision of all our secondary school curriculum programs.

Heathdale flower Learning

Core Subjects

At this stage of their schooling the students will have access to the widest range of subjects of any stage in their school life. This enables them to build foundational knowledge across the breadth of the curriculum before the increasing specialisation of the senior years.

Emphasis is placed on reinforcement and strengthening of the basic skills as well as the development of strong learning and study habits that will form the vital building blocks for their progression through secondary schooling.

Heathdale flower Learning

Co Curricular

Home groups are continued as an important feature of Years 7 and 8 as our desire is to look after the whole person. The home group teacher provides care, understanding and training, assisting each student as they begin their teenage years. Our student chaplains and nurse are also on hand to assist in the social and physical wellbeing of our students and take an active approach to Pastoral Care during these important years.

Camp for Year 7 is a time well spent, creating friendship bonds and a growing resilience. The Year 7 teachers who attend this camp are visible and positive role models for the students.