Learning is at the heart of what we do as a community

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Heathdale flower Learning


Our eager young students bounce through the door on their first day of classes, excited for the year ahead. The knowledge for parents, that our teachers and staff have been praying for them as they start school, gives a sense of peace and excitement as they begin their incredibly important journey. God is found at the centre of each subject, inspiring love, gratitude and worship. In their first years of school, students learn through valuable interactions with peers, formal learning, experimentation, practice and play in the classroom and school environs. By the end of Year 2, students have a much stronger understanding of themselves and begin to connect with the wider community. Our staff nurture and guide the students with grace as they learn to make appropriate choices and decisions.

Heathdale flower Learning

Core Subjects

Learning becomes more formal than what is seen in our Kindergarten program. Curiosity continues to be encouraged and nurtured as this is foundational for lifelong learning.

The development of strong Literacy and Numeracy skills underpin all areas of the curriculum and are the central foundations on which further learning can be built.

Programs and valuable literacy experiences are integral parts of our foundational skills to teach children to learn, read and decipher the English language. Further specialty subjects of French, Technology, Humanities, Health, Drama, Physical Education, Science, Art and Music are taught. Creativity, exploration and imagination are nurtured.

Heathdale flower Learning

Co Curricular

Our ‘Parents as Partners’ program offers parent training to assist with reading in the classrooms whilst also helping our valued parents to assist their own children at home. The strong relationships created through this program enrich our community and create open dialogue between parents and teachers. We actively encourage parent assistance within the classroom, within our Perceptual Motor Program and on excursions.