Heathdale flower 03rd March 2022

Our Theatre Sports Team is Officially Warming Up!

Our Theatre Sports students recently participated in a workshop to help them prepare for competitions. Check out their impressions of it!

Heathdale flower

Last week, our Theatre Sports students participated in the CSEN (Christian School Events Network) Theatre Sports workshop, a day-long program run by the amazing Alan Dickson, who runs the Theatre Sports competitions and training that CSEN entails. For those who don't know, at its very core, Theatre Sports is a series of improvisation games – ideal for students who love to act!

This workshop was a steppingstone into the actual competition, allowing relevant tips, tricks and techniques to be passed from Alan to students so that they can develop their improvisation and drama skills. The training that takes place during these workshops also helps to deepen the team’s connection, participation and friendships, which makes for a fantastic day full of bonding and learning!

"My favourite part of the incursion was seeing how much further the games could be taken, even after playing these same games for years, there’s always something you haven’t done or something you can use to throw in a twist." Jack Beech

"My most meaningful takeaway from the day was that I feel I deepened my skills and abilities in playing the games that we would be playing in competitions for CSEN. Even though I have been playing and have known how to play the games for a long time now, I still learnt new and interesting techniques, tips and tricks for how to improve and perfect them." Matthew Packham

"Post-workshop, I am most excited for the competition! It’s always fun competing against other schools, it’s such a great experience. We get to expand our creativity, confidence and even learn from the other teams’ performances (andddd we get to hopefully win - not that it matters...)" Kalani Boothby