Heathdale flower 22nd July 2020

Your Positivity is Balm for our Souls

Your positive feedback has been a real encouragement for our teachers as we kicked off Remote 2.0. And we had our first ever Virtual Tour day.

Heathdale flower

Well Remote Learning 2.0 has begun. Over the course of the school holidays and last week where the Government extended the school holidays we took all of our learnings form Remote Learning 1.0 and your feedback and created a new improved version of remote learning. We spent a lot of time re-reading all of your comments and looking at possible new structures that would give the best outcomes in many areas — spiritual, emotional, academic learning growth, etc. I have to be honest with you, yesterday I held my breath to see if these changes were for the better. Praise God for those of you who wrote in positive feedback. I think we had about 50 comments and emails of affirmation. These included comments such as:

- “Excellent start to the remote learning 2.0 version…One happy parent here”

- “Couldn’t agree more. One very very thrilled parent here!”

- “I agree and the daily schedule is easy to follow”

In fact, there was not one negative. Our staff have worked so very hard and these words were like soothing balm to their souls. Thank you.

During this time we are all doing things differently. This Saturday I conducted some virtual tours of the Melton campus. This was very exciting as it was something I hadn’t done before. The result was fabulous. We had a 360-degree visual where we could walk into the classrooms and around the school. I felt like I was in a high-tech movie! While it wasn’t the same as being there it was a pretty good substitute and parents were able to ask questions online as we went. If anyone you know wishes to do a tour even in this time, God has provided a way forward. We even have six new students who have started this week. Personally, I feel this is so brave of both the children and the parents as moving schools is always difficult and even more so during COVID. Well done to you.

You can view the Virtual Tour for yourself here: Book a Tour

Please keep letting us know how Remote 2.0 is going. If you need any assistance, reach out via the new year-level email addresses and someone will reply as soon as possible. I hope you are all keeping safe and well and we pray that soon we will all be back together and back to normal.