Heathdale flower 22nd March 2024

Years 10 Geography Goes Snorkelling in Queenscliff

Students taking Year 10 Geography from both Melton and Werribee enjoyed excursions to Queenscliff, where they had the opportunity to snorkel with seals and spot a variety of other wildlife.

Heathdale flower


"As part of their study of coastlines in Year 10 Geography, students attended a snorkelling trip down at Queenscliff on Wednesday 13th of March. Though initially concerned by the cloud conditions of the day, when we got into our wetsuits and out on the water, we were not as cold as we thought. We had fun exploring the natural features around the Pope's Eye and Chinaman's Hat. Additionally, we all enjoyed our close encounters with the wildlife such as fish, fur seals and stingrays. The day was capped off with an opportunity to dive into Port Phillip Bay from the top of our boat, which many students (and some teachers) engaged in with great enthusiasm." Mr Michael Lossi


"Year 10 Geography students when on an excursion across Tuesday and Friday last week, where they went snorkelling at Popes Eye off Queenscliff and at Portsea. The tour company that took us out is called Sea All Dolphin Swims located in Queenscliff. The students were experiencing and observing how natural coastal processes and human activities impact the Port Phillip Bay. Students had a blast, and spotted a variety of birds, many fish species, seals and sea dragons." Mr Blake Hadlow