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Years 10-12 House Debating Competition 2024

From debating the roles of sports stars to gaming consoles, discover how our students performed during the Years 10-12 House Debating Competition.

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The 10-12 House Debating was held on Wednesday, 15th May. Two debates were held: one between Carey and Judson, and the other between Taylor and Stanway.

Carey took on Judson with the topic: ‘Rich sports stars don't make good role models.’ This topic was debated well, with both sides giving prime examples of rich sports stars being poor role models. However, it was the Carey team who won, recognising that some sports stars have admitted their mistakes, been remorseful and shown themselves to be good role models. Well done to Nicky D., the best speaker for the first debate.

In the second debate between Taylor and Stanway, the topic was: ‘The gaming console has destroyed the playground.’ This was also very well debated, as both teams recognised the topic and applied their own understanding to the term ‘destroyed,’ arguing that the cause was solely the gaming console itself and not parents or children. This debate had two very good speakers, with Jaya Prasad being acknowledged for her excellent speaking skills. However, it was Kabir G. who took the title of best speaker for the second debate. In the end, Stanway took the win over Taylor.

Overall, Stanway was the overall winner, with Carey in second, Taylor in third and Judson fourth.

Upcoming House competition dates

Parents of House competitors welcome to attend at the Werribee Baptist Church.

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10-12 Battle of the Bands:
 Aug 22
7-9 Public Speaking: Sept 4
10-12 General Knowledge: Sept 11
7-9 Spelling Bee:
Oct 16
7-12 Choral Comp:
Dec 6 – Encore Events Centre