Heathdale flower 25th November 2022

Year 9 Sustainability Fair

After researching a sustainability issue in their home, school or neighbourhood, some of our Year 9 students showcased their solutions last night. Congratulations to our award winners, Alina, Isabelle, Ally and Lara!

Heathdale flower

Thursday night was our first ever Sustainability Fair. Year 9 Culture & Environment students have been researching a sustainability issue in their home, school or neighbourhood.

Mostly working in teams of two or three, they created an action research project to investigate their chosen issue and find ways to improve sustainability. The culmination of the project was to present their research at the Sustainability Fair to parents and friends.

Projects were wide-ranging and included sustainable book swaps, recycled glass for art projects, improving the bike shed to promote riding to school, changing to recyclable whiteboard markers and battery recycling stations. A massive amount of work went into the detailed project stations designed to help visitors understand the issues and proposed solutions. Visitors were encouraged to ask questions of the teams and vote for their favourite project of the night.

Well done to all the teams who took on the project challenge – you’ve set the bar very high for next year’s students!

Congratulations to Alina Dang and Isabelle Herbert for winning the Principal’s Choice Award for best project in 2022 on ‘Amazing Worms’. Congraulations also to Ally Tullio and Lara Wilson whose engaging project on 'Recycled Fashion’ took out the People’s Choice Award.

Many thanks to Mrs McDonogh, Ms Tarn and Ms Harsono for awesome project inspiration and team management. Thanks to the Green Team for their help on the night and thanks to Ms Vo Tran and Darinka for opening the VCE Café for coffee to keep us warm!

Lara Wilson, Ally Tulio, Isabelle Herbert and Alina Dang