Heathdale flower 14th May 2020

Year 7 Minecraft Camp — A Real BLOCKBuster

What do you when you can't go to a campsite? Build your own!

Heathdale flower

Camps are a highlight of our school calendar. In lieu of being able to head out on a physical adventure, our staff used an education edition of Minecraft to create an online camp for our Year 7 classes over the space of a week. There were lots of fun activities and games, like catching the runaway chickens, finding the lost armour and completing an obstacle course. They even had a birthday celebration for one of the students. We asked a couple of students to give us their take on camping out in Minecraft.

A Treehouse build from 7S

All the Year 7s had camp — virtually! During each day of the week, one class had the opportunity to meet on a world in one of the most famous games, Minecraft. From building towering structures, perplexing parkour practice, and conflicting raging monsters, this year’s camp for the Year 7s was a real BLOCKbuster!

With a selection of any building material and about 20 blocks, each player was challenged to create a structure or house that would impress everyone in an allocated spot with limited building space. All the player’s buildings were mindblowing. There were towers that were built above the clouds, houses with elevators that shot people up and down with ease. The sight of the buildings was stunning. During the middle of the session, the players participated in a scavenger hunt, finding the missing pieces of armour that had been lost. Everyone had an amazing time, trying to find the armour before others.

Next came a nail-biting competition to reach the chest through an obstacle course. Many people fell and had to restart, while the people who were in the lead got distracted by Mr Deroon’s commentating, which was hilarious. One person who was leading did not want the commentator to say his name so he could not be distracted, thus being dubbed ‘The Man Whose Name I Could Not Say.’ At the start of the challenge, there were blocks to jump over, a twisting staircase and a scaffolding tower, finally ending with a long drop to get to the chest. Many others had a nickname because so many people failed at the obstacle course.

Finally came the climax of the entire day. The players rallied up at night time to build a mighty fortress to withstand countless waves of monsters that were about to strike. The players built a wall made of countless blocks to create a mighty, impenetrable fortress. When night fell, multiple monsters emerged from the darkness, and our Year 7s had to defend their home. The battle raged on until they emerged victorious and Minecraft Camp was over.
– Leo W

A dream house Minecraft build

Sadly, our Year 7 camp got cancelled due to COVID-19. But our school had a brilliant idea to bring us camp from home. Minecraft camp! Minecraft is an app where you can build lots of different things like houses and mansions using blocks.

We had heaps of fun doing lots of different activities. We got paired with our close friends and started building and playing heaps of fun games like fetch the armour from the nether, obstacle courses, and work together as a class to defeat the monsters. At the end of the day we got to check out everyone else’s houses and buildings. It was super cool to see what other people had made.

This was such a fun experience, I’m so sad it’s over.

Thanks to Mr Deroon and the other teachers for pulling this off for us. :)

– Lucy B

Where is that armour?!