Heathdale flower 13th February 2020

Year 7 Has Officially Begun

Year 7 is underway at our Melton campus, and it's all going very smoothly indeed.

Heathdale flower

It has begun….

Year 7 has started at Melton not with a bang but with a beautiful smoothness. I walk into the classroom and in front of me are young teenagers – our leaders of the school, our future. I never imagined quite how smooth the past two weeks would be in this space – the students are delightful, respectful, fun and hardworking. They are appreciative of all that is on offer and seem to be bonding well as a group.

I imagine all the children — no matter what year they are in — are feeling tired in these first few weeks. They push boundaries of when they can go to bed because holidays mean staying up a bit later. Our children still need a lot of sleep though. Sleep, diet, exercise and fresh air are all things that make them happy at school. I have to say I am quite jealous of the lovingly prepared lunches some of the children bring! Please feel free to use my name at home if you need “Mrs Harvey has said you need to be in bed by…” Sometimes someone else’s name takes the heat out of children just wanting a few more minutes before bed with mum or dad. It also might give you a bit more sleep too as we all get back in the swing of the school term.