Heathdale flower 30th March 2023

Year 6 Carey House Captains Take on Their First Project

We recently had our first House Assembly for the year. This was organised and hosted by our Year 6 Carey House Captains, who worked hard for weeks in the lead-up to the day. Well done to the Captains on pulling off their first project for the year as student leaders!

Heathdale flower

"The student leadership program at Heathdale aims to develop student leaders’ God-given leadership potential. As leaders, these students have been recognised as vehicles for change who can lead by example in championing our school values.

Alongside other responsibilities, student leaders are tasked with organising a house assembly once a term for their respective houses. For the Carey House Captains, this was their first project for the year as student leaders. The aim of these assemblies is to build house spirit, champion our school values and both demonstrate and educate fellow students on one particular Heathdale value, of which ‘Belonging’ was ours.

Over the last few weeks, the four student leaders and I dedicated ourselves to weekly lunch time meetings (and a little extra homework!) to organise our assembly. Central to this project was a focus on clearly communicating our theme and for all students to walk away with a balance of Biblical and worldly understanding of what it means to belonging. We focused on what we believed belonging looked like in school and what it looked like to God. The leaders ruminated on the importance of belonging by considering Bible verses that exemplified this. We then used these verses to plan out a video sketch, assembly quiz and Q&A segments to perform during the assembly.

I'd like to commend the Carey leaders on their constant enthusiasm, ideas and creativity poured into this. They did a wonderful job! Also, a special thank you to Jemma and Paris from 6C who played important roles in the video sketch and quiz during the assembly!"

Mr Ajay Jacob

“I learned that it is very important to make people feel like they belong because it can make or break someone’s experience or relationships with others. I really enjoyed organising the assembly because it was tons of fun making the video and watching the surprised faces. My favourite part was being on stage, talking confidently and presenting all of our hard work with pride. I would love to organise another assembly with the Carey Captains again.”

Aarna Sikka