Heathdale flower 31st March 2023

Year 1s Go to the Zoo!

Get a glimpse into the wild time that our Year 1 students from Melton got to experience at Melbourne Zoo!

Heathdale flower

On 10th March 2023, our Year 1 students were excited to go on an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. When we arrived at the zoo, we were greeted by the zookeeper, Simon, who took us for an ‘Explorer Session’.

During this session, the students had opportunities to explore different kinds of insects, examine animal bone structures, learnt to draw in sand, and ‘built’ habitats for animals. Simon also brought us to see the meerkats where he shared interesting facts and demonstrated feeding the meerkats. Kaleb (1B) acknowledged the meerkats was his favourite, “because they have cute eyes.”

When we were walking around the zoo, we saw the lemurs, monkeys, gibbons, elephants, tigers, hippopotamus, penguins and seals. Chloe (1B) stated, “the tiger is my favourite. It is so cool because it’s the king of the Jungle.”

We also had the chance of visiting the butterfly house where we had to stand patiently hoping for a butterfly to land on us. Chavelle (1B) noted, “my favourite was the butterfly because they can go on your hands and head.”

Another of our favourite encounter was watching up-close a parrot fly between two zookeepers who were standing at a distance from each other! Upon returning to school, our Year 1 students exclaimed that “this is the best day ever!”