Heathdale flower 09th May 2024

Year 1s Delight in Melbourne Zoo!

Our Year 1 students enjoyed a memorable excursion to Melbourne Zoo, fostering cross-campus camaraderie while exploring diverse animal habitats and kickstarting their Biological Science studies.

Heathdale flower

On Thursday 2nd May, our Year 1 students embarked on an excursion to Melbourne Zoo. Upon our arrival, a delightful chance unfolded for our Melton and Werribee campuses to bond over shared snacks and friendly conversations.

Students embarked on an exciting expedition through various zones of the zoo. They explored the Australian Bush, Frogs & Reptiles, Lion Gorge, Wild Sea, Gorilla Rainforest and the Trail of the Elephants. Guided by their teachers, they absorbed knowledge about different animals, asking insightful questions and sharing discoveries with classmates. This excursion also served as a great introduction to our science topic on Biological Science.

Here are some of our students’ favourite animals they spotted at the zoo!

“I liked the red panda because it was so cute when it was climbing the tree.” Aria

“I liked seeing the platypus because it was swimming in the water so good... it was pretty amazing... it was pretty astonishing.” Will

“I liked the dingo. It was cute because it looked like a dog.” Yana

“I loved the butterflies because the enclosure was nice and warm.” Hitika & Gracelyn

“I enjoyed the Dino Walk because I liked the dinosaur that sprayed water on my face.” Advith

“I liked the platypus because it was dark and swimming so funny.” Aniela

“I enjoyed looking at the platypus because it was dark in the enclosure, and I learned that it is mainly a nocturnal animal.” Flynn

“The monkeys were my favourite because they were doing cool stunts.” Zach

“The snow leopard was lying on its back with its legs/paws playing in the air.” Amaris

“My favourite was the snow leopard because they were chilling on the rocks.” Isabelle

“The Butterflies were my favourite because there were so many, one had green and blue colours on it and it was so big.” Chloe

“My favourite was the lion. It came next to the window and it was soooooo cool.” Ira

“The Dingo was my favourite because dogs are my favourite animal and they are from that family.” Havisha