Heathdale flower 26th October 2022

​Year 12s Are Farewelled

Last week, we farewelled our Class of 2022. It was a bittersweet and momentous time as they celebrated their last day of school, enjoyed their Big Day Out and topped it off with Valedictory.

Heathdale flower

A final burst of fun from our Year 12s happened last week as we farewelled the Class of 2022. After lunch, the whole campus gathered for the Final Roll Call in the Secondary Courtyard.

Part of our tradition at Heathdale during this gathering is that each Year 12 student swaps a gift with one of our Prep students. Our Preps produced some awesome artwork which was made into a unique calendar for each Year 12. It is a beautiful moment to see our oldest students greeting and chatting with our youngest primary students who will one day take their place as the leaders of the school. A special mention goes out to our Preps who did so well getting up on stage in front of 1000 people to deliver their presents! Well done, Preps!

The rest of the week for our Year 12s included a special breakfast at school, a Big Day Out full of activities around the city and, finally, our formal Valedictory Dinner. Some of our students have finished for the year, while others are focused on the final marathon of the VCE exams.

To all of our Year 12s, well done. You finished well! And we are so proud of all you’ve achieved.

We look forward to seeing them all in cap and gown at our graduation on November 30th.