Heathdale flower 18th March 2022

Year 12 Jackets are Officially Out

You may have noticed that our Year 12s are now sporting their brand new jackets. Hear about the creative process from our Year 12 Jacket Design Team, Asha, Vicky, Chloe and Mayamiko.

Heathdale flower

The challenge of designing the Year 12 Jacket provided the core team of Asha, Vicky, Chloe and Mayamiko the opportunity to use and explore their creativity, teamwork, and collaboration skills. They would also like to acknowledge the participation of Elliot and Olivia in the early stages of the process. The core team worked for over 4 months and were involved in the generation, development, and finalisation of the design.

They chose the motto ‘Strength and Courage’, as the Year 12 cohort suggested that this was the theme of encouragement that they wanted to be reminded of throughout the year. Considering all the constraints set, when designing the jacket, they selected the imagery of Heathdale’s logo leaf, a Bible verse, the Heathdale name and the use of the notable school colours, to communicate and represent Heathdale’s identity. The recognisable elements gave the team a great base to work with and through long hours of deconstructing, exploring and refining, they were able to create a dynamic looking jacket design. Additionally, each Year 12 student either has an ‘Original’ or ‘Graduating Class of 2022’ patch, which represents each of their personal stories and journeys within their Heathdale schooling.

They strived to create a jacket that would ultimately unite their year level and create a token to encapsulate the memories of their final year of Secondary schooling.

“We are very proud to be a part of this team and the final design. We also hope that we were able to create something our year level can be proud to wear.” (Asha, Vicky, Chloe and Mayamiko)