Heathdale flower 08th July 2022

Year 12 Drama in 'Lost Things'

Our Year 12 Drama students put on a show for their VCE Assessment, but not before researching 'the world's most mysterious' book, the Voynich manuscript, to properly deliver some funny, upsetting and entertaining storylines.

Heathdale flower

As a major part of Unit 3 Drama, Year 12 students devised a 30-minute performance on the theme of “Lost Things”. They researched the Voynich manuscript (coined the world’s most mysterious book) and explored themes of hording, collecting and trash vs treasure. The used Eclectic (non-naturalistic) and Physical Theatre performance styles. Students performed to their parents on the evening of Thursday May 12th in the Blackbox Theatre and are to be congratulated on their hard work, exceptional creativity and team work!

"Our drama performance was about a lady named Joan and her friend Herbert, who stumble upon a boy, Linus, in her op-shop to find him holding the ''lost'' Voynich manuscript. The trio then decide to go on adventure to find the missing section and collect two new members who would join their journey, Indi and Quintus. The group then try and find the missing section in the jungle, only for it to be found out that Joan lied about it not being found, as she was 'sick' and wanted a family. After falling out and the death of Joan, the group comes together again and finds value in their friendship." Olivia

"The time leading up to the performance standing side stage was one of the scariest things, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest however it was all worth it, with the most rewarding part of the performance being when everything we had been working on and all the ideas we had just came together on stage. When our performance was over, and we all walked out as a group it was one of the best feelings knowing we had all done our best and the audience had enjoyed our performance." Lucy

"My favourite thing about performing is the ability to see the audiences reactions to what is happening on the stage. In Year 12 Drama, we focus heavily on actor audience relationship which basically refers to how we as actors relate and engage the audience during a performance. My group’s piece had quite a lot of comedic moments so the times when we each got to establish that relationship and make the audience laugh – that was my favourite moment." Matthew