Heathdale flower 08th March 2024

Year 12: A Wonderful Year

Inside the recent life of our Year 12 cohort, students have proudly received their Class of 2024 jackets, learnt to surf at Year 12 Camp, and our Captains expanded their horizons in Canberra – all part of the exciting milestones leading up to graduation at the end of the year!

Heathdale flower

Students Receive Their Class of 2024 Jackets

The last fortnight has been a busy one for our Year 12 cohort. With great excitement, they took possession of their official Year 12 jackets. Much planning and consultation went into the design elements of the jackets in the final weeks of Year 11, with the Year 12s having the option to personalise their own jacket with a chosen name or nickname on the back. Inside, the lining of their jacket has the names of all the Class of 2024 – a special reminder that they are all in this together.

Year 12 Camp

Our Year 12s also went away on the annual Year 12 Camp – a time of bonding as a group, enjoying being together, thinking about deeper things and reflecting on their journey in the beautiful scenery of Camp Wilkin at Anglesea.

“As the Year 12 community came together for camp last week, there was a buzz of activity with our first year of five homerooms attending. The students participated in several activities, from team building ones – such as wall climbing, raft building and high ropes – to archery, surfing, and ultimate frisbee. With initiative games both student and staff-led and listening to speakers who shared study skills along with life skills, the students were on the go from dawn to after dark. It was a wonderful time of interaction within the Year 12 community during camp, which has seen deeper connections develop among each other, staff, and, most importantly, God. These connections are significant while navigating the rest of this important year and into what’s next.” (Justine Watson, Year 12 Coordinator)

Captains in Canberra

Our College Captains – Chloe, Geta, Michael and Endria – have been in Canberra over the past week for the Compass School Leaders’ Conference. Held each year, the conference draws hundreds of School Captains from Christian schools across the country together for a time of learning, growth and fellowship. Challenging talks about contemporary culture, Christian worldview and Christian leadership are combined with excursions to significant landmarks including Parliament House and the Australian War Memorial. Thanks to Mrs Tass, Head of Learning Module for Years 10-12, for travelling with our students and organising this opportunity for our captains’ development.

Much More to Come

Coming up across the year for our Class of 2024 are more ‘milestone’ moments as they begin the summing up of their childhood education. We especially look forward to the final roll call, Big Day Out, Year 12 breakfast, Valedictory Dinner and Graduation that are to come. In the meantime, lots of study and hard work! Please keep the Year 12s, their families and their teachers in your prayers as they navigate this last year and support our students through to the finish line.