Heathdale flower 28th May 2020

Why Students are Happy to be Back

There's no doubt, the students have adapted very quickly to life back on campus. And here are the things that make them happy to be back.

Heathdale flower

We are back on site with the Prep to 2s and what a fun start it has been. Tuesday saw the students return to music, balloons and much festivity. It has been amazing to see how quickly the little ones have adapted to life back on campus. I am sure your houses must feel quite different without their laughter.

It is wonderful to be able to see their faces and watch their learning in person. Thank you for the responsibility you have all taken in adhering to all the new norms that are in place at the College.

I asked the P-2 teachers to have a chat to their students about why they are happy to be back. Here is what they said… enjoy.

From Prep R some students said, “I’m happy to be back at school because":

- We get to have pencil cases now!
- I like working and learning new things!
- I like school! I meet new friends!
- I can play with my friends on the playground!
- I love to learn about God!
- I love drawing at school instead of at home.
- I get to play with my friends! I get to work properly at school.
- I really like to write at school!
- I get to see my teacher after so long! I missed my teacher.