Heathdale flower 28th November 2019

Why Give Out Awards at All?

650 awards across just the Middle School? Why all the fuss?

Heathdale flower

This end-of-year season is just chock-full of awards! Did you know that every semester Middle School organises, compiles, and prints around 650 awards to be sent home in report envelopes?

Yesterday afternoon, our annual Semester Awards Assembly saw hundreds of students recognised for their achievement, effort and behaviour in a wide range of subjects. Next week we will enjoy presenting a range of significant awards to students at the annual Awards Night, part of our celebration of God’s faithfulness to us this year. And then there are all the sports awards handed out during the year, the many competition certificates received and the good old merits and high-fives that form part of every day life in our classrooms.

Why all the fuss? Why give out any awards at all?

The answer is that we love to take the opportunity to give our students positive feedback. Whether a student has been a consistently caring friend, a faithful leader or a dedicated student, we want to say a loud, ‘Well done!’ Positive reinforcement helps our students see that we take their effort and achievements seriously.

Awards at Heathdale are not all about the highest mark or the fastest lap. We seek to encourage those who have done their personal best during the year in all sorts of different ways. We know we are blessed to have students who come to school eager to make the most of learning and school life. It is therefore only fitting and right that moments of growth and effort are called out and recognised. It speaks volumes about how well our teachers know and care for their students that they are able to individually speak into the achievements and talents of their students.

Congratulations to all our award winners this semester. We hope you will continue to strive to do your best in your studies and in your conduct. It is great to be part of a community that loves to cheer each other on!