Heathdale flower 23rd June 2022

What's in the Box?

Our Year 3s and 4s have been able to get a hands-on insight into the past thanks to History Box! Our Year 3s at Werribee learned more about the Gold Rush while our Year 4s at Melton looked at the First Fleet and Indigenous life.

Heathdale flower

Last Friday, all Year 3 students participated in an incursion hosted by History Box – Ballarat. The presenters Cynda and Barry introduced some well-known, and infamous characters who lived during the Gold Rush in Ballarat. Students learned about what school was like in the past and got to experience activities and games that children their age would have enjoyed in the ‘olden days’. This tangible experience was the perfect opportunity for students to explore the 1800s and further enhanced their ability to compare schooling and life to their own present-day experiences. It was an extremely interesting, informative and enjoyable incursion that reflects the learning outcomes of our HASS curriculum.

“I learnt that Victoria was very wealthy and that people from all over the world came to get Gold.” (Tanusha)

“I learnt that only 5 out of 100 people got rich from finding gold.” (Sofia 3C)

“I liked making the clay figures because they were weird, and you could barely tell what they were.” (Vidya)

“The most interesting fact from today was that the people pooped in the river.” (Jude)

In early May, our Year 4s at Melton also got to enjoy the History Box experience, but instead took a closer look at the First Fleet and Indigenous life.

“In Semester One, the Year 4 students have been learning about the First Fleet and indigenous life. The incursion has taught us about what Aboriginal life was before the First Fleet came and what happened after. There were six activities that we enjoyed: Naka Naka, knuckle bones, making spices, creating little figures out of clay, making love tokens, and writing in ink. We also listened to stories and dressed up as people in the 1700’s.” (Daniella)