Heathdale flower 10th November 2022

6E's Prayers for our Local Community

We asked 6E to write a prayer for our community and eight students responded with a variety of prayers spanning topics from the floods to healing and happiness.

Heathdale flower

"My prayer for our school community is that Jesus would bless us, our families and our teachers. I hope that everyone will have a great time transitioning to the next grade and enjoy their remaining time in their current one. I hope that our teachers will have an easy few weeks until the end of term. I hope our community will be blessed forever." Sanjay P.

"My prayer for our community is that the flooding stops. I want the flooding to stop because floods destroy homes, animal’s habitats and hurt people. This affects the community because without floods, people will be happy, safe and worry-free. That is why my prayer for the community is for flooding to stop." Reeya

"My prayer for our community is that everyone would stay safe on the roads. When you drive, you could crash and that will not be good. You need to keep your eyes on the road and be careful. When you stay safe on the road everyone can have a good ride." Elias

"My prayer for our community is for the sick to be healed. If people are sick, then people will not be able to live life to the fullest. Being sick is one of the worst experiences you can have in life. We need God's help to heal us from the dreaded diseases. If sick people are healed, everyone can live life to the very fullest." Zachary

"My prayer for our local community is that everyone is happy. I want others to be happy because being happy affects people around us in a good way. Being happy makes life more enjoyable and fun. Being happy is just a nice feeling to have in you. Being happy is a way to be protected from a bad mood." Viraal

"My prayer for our community is that people don't litter. I don't want people to litter because littering destroys the local animals' habitats, and those animals are what make our community so special. That is why my prayer for our community is that people don't litter." Reeya

"My prayer for our community is protection from sickness. Sickness impacts everyone’s life at some point. Sickness is never fun, you feel tired, unmotivated, and can’t stop coughing and sneezing, it’s just not a good time. Protection from sickness is needed at a moment like this. Protection from sickness is a prayer for everyone of all ages because whether you’re old or young, you still can get sick. I pray that God sees what’s happening to the world and gives us protection." Charlotte

"My prayer for our community is that God puts His hand over all people and keep them safe from temptation, illnesses, and injuries. Please protect us from everything harmful and help us to invite Him into our hearts and minds, to believe in Christ Jesus. Please care for all people in poorer countries and give them the Holy Spirit with them to guide and protect them and provide their daily needs such as good food and fresh water." Elise