Heathdale flower 28th May 2020

What I Missed!

Bee-bots, painting with Miss Anderson… the drive to school. We all missed a lot about being on campus, so we asked the students what they missed most.

Heathdale flower

What did students miss about being at school on campus? Just about everything, it seems. When asked to reflect on the things they missed, students noted their friends, teachers, the playground, the pirate ship, their classroom, learning new things, reading the Bible, the challenge of PE, Bee-bots, developmental play (seriously, a prep said that!), painting with Miss Anderson and playing outside again. Even the drive to school rated a mention.

The first week back at school has been an absolute joy. Once we’d all found our way into our classrooms, the Preps each had the opportunity to take another class photo to welcome them back and settle everyone in. There was a lot of re-discovery to be done, areas to play in, and friends to meet. To ease classes into the week, after learning the diagraph ‘ss’ in spelling, the Year 1s whipped out the Lego tubs in the afternoon to enjoy a challenge popular in our Remote Learning mode; Lego Masters. It was a lovely way to slip back into school life. The teachers did a great job of decorating the classrooms, making Lego wallpaper and a fun ‘minifig’ cutout. The Year 2s took their science lesson out to the courtyard, letting paper planes loose and modifying their creations for maximum flight time or a boomerang return.It’s great to have half our Primary students back on site, and can’t wait for the rest to be back in just over a week’s time.