Heathdale flower 09th February 2024

Welcomes and Upgrades

Step into the season of welcoming and upgrades at Melton Campus as we embrace the new year and new staff and students, all while keeping our eyes firmly on God's plans for Melton's future.

Heathdale flower

This has been a season of welcoming at Melton. We welcomed the New Year. I was most warmly welcomed to the school. New staff were welcomed during our Professional Development Week, and we welcomed students, old and new, to the first day of school. On the Friday of the first week, we welcomed new parents at a breakfast function.

We also welcome the new season. We are in a new decade for the Melton campus serving God in the community. As Mr Grace reminded students, parents, and teachers alike last week, ‘no-one is here by accident’. This is one major way that God moves; He sends people. His answer is always to send a person. God sent His Son as a person. Jesus sent the disciples. Paul sent Timothy, etc. So, welcome to this new season to students, parents and school staff.

Last week I spoke to the Secondary students in assembly about this new year, which requires a new approach. I used the analogy of an operating system in their technology. The current operating system on my mobile phone is 17.3. Every few months I receive an automatic update.

We have commenced the 2024 academic year. I urged the students to update their learning system. They may have left last year with a 2023.12 operating system. That is, of course, if they were up to date. It is possible that they might have been operating on 2020.5 or some lesser variant.

Time to update to 2024.2!

Updating operating systems is necessary for parents too. While this is a complex issue, we need to be sensitive to one glitch, especially that of not noticing that our children have updated several operating systems numerous times. Dealing with a 15.0 operating system like it is an 8.4 system is not going to go well.

So, in this season of welcomes and upgrades, we have our eyes firmly on God for His plans for our students and ourselves. While we celebrate Melton 10.0 in this community, we are very much seeking God for His plans for Melton version 25.0 in 2049.