Heathdale flower 10th June 2021

Wear a Fun Beanie to School

Come to school in full colour. Wear a fun, colourful beanie and/or scarf to celebrate the return to school in Winter style!

Heathdale flower

We are back again! We look forward to welcoming all Primary students once again to on-campus learning on Friday, 11th of June. The remote learning timetable and corresponding work will cease.

COVID Protocols have been listed in the College letter to families dated Wednesday, 9th of June. Thank you for your assistance in ensuring a smooth transition for your child as they return for these last weeks of term.

All Primary students and staff may wear their favourite, colourful beanie and scarf!

We are celebrating our return during this winter season by inviting every student to wear their favourite, named, colourful beanies and scarves on this first day back! Let’s bring colour and smiles to our day while also keeping warm! And yes, favourite footy team beanies are permissible too!

We look forward to seeing everyone back, well and ready for this last day of the week.

Staying steadfast in tricky times

As teachers of young children, we hope to instil in each one the tremendous capability each has for making great choices that would benefit not only themselves, but also everyone around them. Timely, considered judgements take time, thoughtfulness and sometimes a willingness to stand out from the crowd. Choosing the right thing to do, over the easiest one, is a skill that can be taught and practised. Our teachers are helping our students choose wisely every day. I know as parents and carers of your young children you are doing this every day and it is working. We see here at Heathdale a student group who are enthusiastic, helpful and ready to think about their choices and determine to choose the best. This is a joy for us to see as educators. That our students make the best decisions for themselves and can give an account for the reasons for their choices. We will continue to support students to do just this. One of the Bible characters who learnt this lesson was King Josiah. Just eight years old when he became king, this young boy reigned in Jerusalem for thirty-one years! Here was a lad who no doubt would have taken wise counsel from his parents and teachers at the time. His mother, Jedidah is named as an influential and significant person in his young life. While Josiah did what was right in the eyes of the Lord he made a lasting impression on the people and wider community of that time.

We pray that each of our Heathdale students will be persons who make an impact for what is good, right, pure and noble. We will stand with them and will continue to help each student catch this wider vision of choosing God’s wisdom over the crowd.