Heathdale flower 10th December 2021

Volleyball Victoria Schools Championship 2021

Congratulations to all of our teams who competed in Volleyball Victoria Schools Championship 2021, including our 7-8 Girls, 7-8 Boys, 9-10 Girls and 9-10 Boys.

Heathdale flower

What a great three days of volleyball for our students! There were amazing rallies, serves, spikes and saves, and to see the growth in character and skill was very rewarding.

We took away four teams, each comprising a mix of two age groups: 7-8 Girls, 7-8 Boys, 9-10 Girls and 9-10 Boys. Due to a reduction in the number of teams entered this year, many of our teams had to play up a division or even age group – as was the case for our senior boys who ended up playing against year 11 boys.

The teams acquitted themselves very well and their results are a testament to their training. All teams finished in the 6 for their division and Heathdale finished in 14th place overall, out of 25 schools.

Prestige went to the 7-8 girls who took out Gold 25-15, 25-14, turning the tables on Upwey who beat them in the round robin. Coached by Lyndal Ridder, it was great to see their skills and game play develop throughout the week.

Finishing in third place after the round robin was the 9-10 girls. They were unable to beat the fast pace serves of Upwey and Canterbury and in the bronze medal play off, struggled once again with receiving against McKinnon. The girls went down fighting 26-24, 12-25, 14-16.

9-10 boys played amazing volleyball, probably the highest standard I have seen from our school, and finished in 5th place, often playing against students older and taller than themselves. Jump serves, back sets, blocking and spiking were all a normal part of their game, and all their games were very close and hard fought. A strong team with solid and improving skills looking to take revenge in the coming years.

The 7-8 boys, coached by Mr. Tepace, show so much potential for the future and finished in 6th place. Overarm serving and height are our biggest assets. Once these boys put all their skills together, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

The students had some very early starts and late nights and also had the heat to contend with. Congratulations to you all, you have represented yourself and your school well. I am very proud of the way you performed, your dedication and commitment and your improvement.

I would like to thank the parents for your early morning efforts in getting the students to training in the early hours of the day, and your adjustment to change at the last minute to come and pick your child up from the venue during the competition. Your patience and understanding to help get the competition off the ground is appreciated.

I would also like to thank the staff who supported each team, Mrs. Van der Westhuizen, Mr. Trinh, Mr. Tepace and Lyndal Ridder. Without your commitment the competition would not have been able to proceed.

Unfortunately, after more than 15 years involvement, we will no longer be participating in this competition. I wish all the students the very best for their skills in the future.

Mrs. Steane
Sport Coordinator

7-8 Girls
7-8 Boys
9-10 Girls
9-10 Boys
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