Heathdale flower 28th May 2020

VCE & VCAL Return with New Skills

Our Year 11 & 12 students joined us back onsite and the skills they developed during Remote Learning are already being displayed.

Heathdale flower

What a joy to have our Year 11s and 12s back on campus! We have had a terrific return to campus life and our students and staff are adjusting quickly to the new normal. While remote learning was a challenge, it is encouraging to see the development in our students’ confidence around their own ability to monitor and manage their learning. Our Year 12s participated in a presentation from RMIT on Tuesday — a reminder that post-school life is just around the corner! They will be able to draw on the resilience and self-management skills they have developed during remote learning to help them succeed over the rest of this year but also be able to carry those important learning skills forward into their future pathways.

A Happy Tail

There’s a new friendly little face around the campus with big paws and a waggy tail. Ziva is in training to become our school dog in Secondary. Her role will be to bring joy and comfort to students and staff and her time will be shared between the Secondary Office and the Pastoral Care office. All of this is a little way off, however, as there are many hours of training still to come for little Ziva before she can regularly interact with students. She is only four months old at the moment so the self-control needed not to jump up and lick everyone is still a work in progress. Ziva will undergo training with Therapy Animals Australia who train animals to work in schools, hospitals, nursing homes and as assistance animals of various kinds. Right now, Ziva is sometimes on campus to get used to the sights, sounds and smells of a busy school and is usually not available for pats as she is still learning to obey her handler. She is always on lead when outside and students will not have to interact with Ziva if they feel uncomfortable around dogs.


Students returning on campus have noticed we have expanded our bin system to allow for greater recycling options. Please be mindful of which bin you are using when disposing of rubbish and avoid excess packaging whenever you can.