Heathdale flower 15th October 2020

Up to Full Speed

Everyone is adapting well to life back on-campus, with 95% of students returning from Day One! We're working hard to ensure everyone stays up to speed.

Heathdale flower

We are back! Monday was a wonderful day at school. The walkways and the classrooms were filled with chatter and laughter. We were so blessed, I had not anticipated the children slipping back into school life so happily, quickly and easily. The Year 7 students have taken on the wearing of masks with such a responsible attitude they are being wonderful role models. Please rest assured we continue to work with all authorities to keep everyone safe and regularly meet to review all of our responses to the ongoing COVID situation.

The Government has given a lot of guidance and guidelines with regard to what we can and can’t do this term. We are trying to keep all of our events and processes in place, and will be exploring how we can deliver them in different ways. Over 95% of students returned on Monday which was a tremendous effort from all students and parents. It is also indicative of the trust you place in us to keep your children safe, for which I thank you.

Some of the natural responses for teachers at this time are more difficult. I thought of this when I passed some litter in the school grounds. My natural inclination to pick it up was suddenly hindered by COVID instruction and thoughts. While we do all we can to teach children it is not okay to drop litter this still occurs. It is now not okay for us to go around and just pick it up with our bare hands. Therefore, where possible, if you could send your child with as much ‘nude’ food (limited packaging) as possible that would help everyone.

We have nine weeks in Term 4, which is historically a very exciting term. After the year of 2020 we are concentrating on our literacy, numeracy, transitions and ensuring we have healthy mental health and good friendships. It is unfortunate we are not allowed to sing in schools currently as singing is such an important part of our daily devotions. However, we have innovative ways around this with actions and sign language so we can still worship God.

While I am so proud of staff and students in the learning they have achieved the reality is that some children may be further behind than anticipated. Therefore, we will be concentrating on the important sections for anyone that has any gaps. Learning enhancement teaching has resumed. If you are worried about your child’s learning growth or gaps please do contact your homeroom teacher. We will do all we can to partner with you to ensure your child is confident and ready for 2021.

I imagine this week your child may be tired. They have been through a lot and they may be missing time with mum and dad or hanging out in their pyjamas. I imagine it is hard to get back into routines of getting up, making lunch, homework, etc. The reason I can imagine it happening in your house is because it is happening in my house. While my husband is doing a happy dance that he has the house to himself to work remotely again, when we all get home there are tired boys and a tired Principal for him to manage! Therefore, take it easy on yourselves and if it gets tricky remember tomorrow is another day.