Heathdale flower 03rd March 2022

To Work at Your Best at School

Exciting play time, focusing on assessments and getting used to socialising can feel like a lot for our Primary students. There is something that can help with this!

Heathdale flower

The term is fully in swing now! Who would have thought that the long weekend is just around the corner now? The Preps will complete their 4 weeks where they do not come on a Wednesday this week, so we will soon have the full complement of students.

You may have noticed that your child is tired and has been saying they have been doing a lot of assessments. At the beginning of any school year, it is important that students complete assessments so we can consider their needs and where they are at with their learning. Each child's data is analysed by the teacher so they can focus on students' strengths and any gaps in learning they may have, enabling the teacher to differentiate lessons for the class as well. Teachers can also use the data show you your child's learning growth in parent teacher interviews.

Assessment is a regular part of school life, but for some students, this can make them a little anxious. If your child is experiencing this, please talk to your Homeroom teacher.

Your child may be coming home from school tired after working and playing hard all day and concentrating on testing. Covid has meant students are even more tired, as they are also out of practice in socialising and not used to a full classroom. It is therefore vital for your child's health that they get the right amount of sleep and are fresh for school. Children who are 6-12 years of age should sleep between 9 to 12 hours a night. This means if your 8-year-old needs to get up at 6.30am, ideally they should regularly go to bed at 8pm.

Being wide awake makes for more fun day at school, so you are always welcome to say "Mrs Harvey says you have to go to bed now to be ready for school tomorrow!"


Last week I mentioned teachers on duty and the playgrounds. Please note the duty times are slightly different for the Prep area. Teachers are on duty in the morning from 8.10 to 8.30 and in the afternoon from 3:10 to 3:45 (3:30 for the Prep area). It is important that your child has been picked up from school by 3:45 (3:30 for Prep). There will be no teacher on duty after this time and if your child has not been picked up, they cannot play on the playgrounds. For the time being, students will be taken to the Primary School Office. If you are running late, please contact the College so we are aware and can look after your child. If you come to the College before 8:10, please wait with your child until the supervising teacher comes.


You may know there have been some changes to masks in schools. Please visit coronavirus.vic.gov.au for the latest face mask requirements.


Lastly, it is our desire to partner with you. If you do need to discuss any concerns, please do contact your Homeroom teacher so we can work together to ensure your child is happy and learning at school, reaching their God given potential.