Heathdale flower 12th March 2020

Those Who Teach, Learn Best

Student teachers also happen to be the best kind of learners, that's why we give our students the opportunity to buddy up with our younger year levels.

Heathdale flower

‘Student teachers’ has a charming ring to it. Not that we’re giving up our jobs just yet, but as we always endeavour to improve our teaching practise, part of that is acknowledging that students thrive in their learning when they’re helping others to learn. Conventional wisdom acknowledges that those who teach often learn the best, and this fact is backed by science.

“Students enlisted to tutor others, the researchers have found, work harder to understand the material, recall it more accurately and apply it more effectively. In what scientists have dubbed ‘the protégé effect,’ student teachers score higher on tests than pupils who are learning only for their own sake. But how can children, still learning themselves, teach others? One answer: They can tutor younger kids.” (Annie Murphy Paul, TIME Magazine)

It’s something we’ve taken to heart across the College. Last week, students in Year 5 started the first of many journeys down to the Prep classes at the ELC. They were greeted by the joyful faces of the Preps, eager to welcome them into their classrooms. Similarly, as part of the Year 3-6 Electives Program, Year 6 students visited the Year 1 classes and helped in a variety of ways. Much to the delight of all involved, these sessions will continue over the semester and for much of the year.

The children will participate in a variety of structured activities together as well as being provided with opportunities to identify other activities they might do with and for each other. These interactions between our younger and older children, promote social and support networks particularly for our younger students and encourage a sense of community and belonging in the school.

There are also great benefits for the older buddies in acknowledging their leadership, responsibility and pride in their ability to be helpful.

We strongly believe these opportunities will benefit all involved and I’m sure the Year 5 and 6 students are enjoying their new-found celebrity status. We also really appreciate the friendly way they are helping to build a supportive school community.

Canvas Update

Years 5 and 6 students now have access to Canvas. Parents can access information via the Parent Centre on the school’s website. Simply navigate to ‘Parent Centre/Resources for Students and Parents’, then scroll down to the Canvas section for a Help Guide and Installation procedures.

Term Dates

The last day of school for Term 1 will be Friday 27th March. The term dates for the remainder of the year are:

Term 2: Tuesday 14th April - Friday 26th June
Term 3: Monday 20th July - Friday 18th September
Term 4: Monday 5th October – Wednesday 9th December

Big Childcare will operate a vacation care program during the holidays full of fun and interesting activities for your child. Please book early to secure a place. Go to: www.bigchildcare.com for more information or see Josh the Program Manager on our site.


Next term is winter uniform for all students. Our uniform is distinctive and often commented on by people outside our school on how well it is worn by our students. It is important that all students comply with uniform guidelines as stated in our parent handbook. Uniforms can be purchased from Noone Imagewear.

Parenting Ideas

Our school has a membership with Parenting Ideas and as part of this membership, all parents in the school community can access some fantastic webinars in 2020 at no cost.

Upcoming Webinar: Future-proofing your child
When: Wednesday 18 March 2020 at 8:00 PM
Cost: Free with voucher code

This century is characterised by disruptive change that is turning our world upside down. Jobs aren’t just changing, whole industries are ceasing to exist. The scripts for success are being rewritten on a daily basis in our families, at work and in life. In this webinar Nikki Bush teaches parents what to expect and how to support their kids to thrive in a future world of work.
Key learning and discussion points include:

- Key trends that are changing the world
- Frameworks for future-proofing children
- Highlighting the X-factors for success
- Explaining the role of school in a changing world
- Helping parents to set realistic and relevant parenting goals

How to redeem your voucher:

- Click this link:
- Click ‘Add to cart’
- Click ‘View cart’
- Enter the voucher code FUTURE and click ‘Apply’
- Enter our school’s name to verify your eligibility. The $37 discount will then be applied.
- Click ‘Proceed to checkout’
- Fill in your account details. These are the details you will use to login to your account and access your webinar and resources
-Click ‘Place Order’
- This offer is valid until 18 June 2020. If you’re unable to make the broadcast time, just register anyway and you will get access to the recording.