Heathdale flower 23rd February 2024

Theatre Sports Muscles in Training

Allen Dickson from CSEN trained our Werribee campus Theatre Sports and Play in a Day team for their upcoming competitions, emphasising improvisation for Theatre Sports and scriptwriting for Play in a Day. These are great opportunities for our theatrically inclined students to thrive!

Heathdale flower

On Friday 16th of February, Allen Dickson from CSEN came to our Werribee campus to train our Theatre Sports and Play in a Day team. He taught them all the skills they will need for their respective competitions later in the year.

Theatre Sports focuses on improvisation and spontaneous creativity, in a series of timed games. It’s about harnessing your creativity in a positive and safe environment.

Meanwhile, Play in a Day focuses on scripting a story, including a beginning, middle and end. It seeks to develop students’ storytelling skills within a team-based setting. Teams are given an initial title for the play, but each play develops and changes according to the creativity of the group and the way in which they choose to incorporate the challenges given.

We look forward to seeing how our students use their God-given theatrical talents in the upcoming CSEN competitions!