Heathdale flower 16th March 2023

The Zoo Came to Us!

Our Year 4s enjoyed a hands-on incursion with Wild Action Zoo, where they got to meet a number of endangered animals and learn interesting facts about them.

Heathdale flower

Year 4 Students were frilled to be able to participate in an incursion which consisted of the Zoo being brought to them! Students were able to learn new and interesting facts about the different endangered species found in Australia.

Some of these endangered animals included the mountain pygmy possum, lace monitor, growling grass frog, boobook owl, grey headed flying fox, woma python, saltwater crocodile and the frilled-neck lizard. The incursion was very hands-on, allowing all students to get up close and personal with some furry, scaley and slimy creatures!

This was a special occasion as Wild Action Zoo is the only Zoo in the entire world which brings the endangered mountain pygmy possum into schools. All students were given the opportunity to feel its silky-smooth fur and learn about how we can help protect it.

Here is what the students had to say about the incursion:

"I liked the part where I got to hold the possum. It was very small, I learned that they are endangered and that we should try and help them by not destroying their habitats. I loved getting to touch every animal and the owl had very soft feathers." Natalie 4A

"What I like about it was that we got to learn new facts about different animals which we didn't know. Me and my friends learnt a lot, I got to hold the frilled-neck lizard which puffs up its neck when it is scared." Keith 4B

"My favourite animal was the saltwater crocodile as I have never been able to touch one before. I really enjoyed getting to hold the frilled-neck lizard because it was really scaly and bigger than the lizards I have at home." Benji 4C

"I really liked getting to see and feel the mountain pygmy possum because it was tiny and nearly extinct. There are only 2000 pygmy possums left in the wild." Emelia 4D

"My favourite part was the owl. We learnt that the saltwater crocodile had 60 razor sharp teeth." Nathan 4E

"I really enjoyed the boobook owl as it was soft and smooth, I learnt that it can turn its head 270 degrees." Genelia 4F