Heathdale flower 28th April 2022

The Value of Christian Schooling

Direct from our new Principal of Melton, Dr Chris Prior, hear his heart about what Christian schooling to us here at Heathdale.

Heathdale flower

Welcome back to school for the start of Term 2.

It is with much joy that I write for the first time to you as the Principal of the Melton Campus of Heathdale Christian College. To begin with, I would like to thank everyone for their warm welcome over this past month or so. It has reminded me that Christian schooling is far from a lonely enterprise. Rather, Christian schooling is a partnership where community members seek to uphold the Christian Gospel through all relationships and actions. This has been evident to me as a new member of the community through the encouragement and welcome that I have experienced from members of this community.

Foundational to my understanding of Christian schooling is that we, as Christians, are called to love God and love our neighbours. This is not simply something we do in a Church service, in classroom devotion or in a prayer; these are important aspects of how the Christian faith is to be outworked in community, but not the full picture. The Bible invites those of us who follow Christ to understand that God loves, that Jesus died for us and that in Jesus we are to be a new people, a people who live everyday lives in a way that is consistent with Scripture.

As such, it is my hope that all who come into Heathdale Christian College experience something that is different; this “difference” being a Christian community actively seeking to respond to the message of the Christian Gospel in every aspect of schooling, whether it be the classroom, the playground, the carpark or the office.

As we begin Term 2, please be aware of the following:

With the many disruptions of the past few years many school camps have been cancelled. Next week, camps return! Under the guidance of their teachers, the Year 7 students will be away from Wednesday to Friday as the venture into CYC’s City Campsite and look to learn about Melbourne together. Please pray for all involved.

Year 3-9 Athletics Carnival will be held at the Athletics Track, Atherstone, 82 Bridge Road, Melton South. As with our Swimming Carnival last term, parents are very much able to come along and support their children. Additionally, we require parent helpers for this event! If you would like to assist and have a WWCC linked to HCC and a COVID-19 digital certificate, please register your interest via meltonreception@heathdale.vic.edu.au or phone 8746-3100.

At the end of last term, all families were sent an e-mail regarding changes the carpark at our Melton Campus effective the start of Term 2. These changes outlined the inclusion of additional pedestrian access, as well as changes to traffic flow. Please take extra care as you, along with other College families, adjust to these changes.