Heathdale flower 27th October 2022

The Sound Waves of Music Viva

Our Music Viva incursion was a wonderful interactive performance which inspired our Year 6 students to unleash their inner musician!

Heathdale flower

With the accompaniment of a violin, viola, double bass and saxophone, our Year 6 students were dazzled by the mix of sound waves that the Music Viva musicians blended together.

Not only was this performance rhythmically entertaining, but it was also interactive! Students were hand-picked from the crowd to create their own musical shape by using their words and tone of voice to create a string of notes that would ultimately form a shape. Some of our students, Abishai, Jacoby and Aimie, combined their musical talents to create a brand new, one-of-a-kind composition. It was played by the skilled musicians and as students’ eyes were captivated by the instruments, their ears were tingling with the harmonious melodies.

It was a powerful and educational performance that inspired all students present to unleash their inner musician. All Year 6 students and teachers were grateful for the amazing performance!