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The Purpose of NAPLAN

Learn about the significance of NAPLAN testing within the broader context of our students' learning journey at Heathdale Christian College.

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Over the last fortnight, our Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 students have been completing NAPLAN tests. The NAPLAN testing regime is primarily designed to provide schools and parents with a snapshot in time of students’ progress every two years during the foundational years of schooling.

The test does give feedback to parents and teachers at the level of the individual student. However, the testing is primarily aimed at providing school-level data that is gives educators feedback on the learning programs of each school. At Heathdale Christian College, we value this feedback as it enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of our educational programs, celebrate successes and determine areas of the curriculum which can be further strengthened.

Tests are conducted in the safe and familiar surrounds of the students’ own homerooms, with the support of their homeroom teacher. A calm and settled atmosphere is a key part of how we approach NAPLAN. A snapshot test on one day will not capture all that a student knows or can do, and it cannot provide the level of detail that is able to be gathered from the ongoing feedback and assessment of a student’s regular teachers. So, it is a valuable measure, but it is only one measure, and it shouldn’t be viewed as the only lens from which to view a student’s progress.

Sometimes I’m asked by parents why we don’t do more “practice” to prepare our students for NAPLAN. I usually explain that we’ve already been focused on improving our students’ learning for the past two years. Every day at school is a great day for learning! And with a proven learning and teaching program, our students are well-prepared to show their skills and understanding when the time comes.

Easter Prayer Breakfast

All students in Secondary have been invited to participate in the Easter Prayer Breakfast on the last day of school. Students are welcome to arrive from 7:40am onwards. RSVP by responding to the email link sent to students.