Heathdale flower 04th August 2022

The Gift of Community

As humans, not only are we built to desire a relationship with God, but also with each other. The power of community and belonging is tangible here at Heathdale, and we pray that this would continue to be the experience of our students, staff and families.

Heathdale flower

Last weekend, along with many of our community, I had the pleasure and delight in seeing the College’s production of The Sound of Music. It was sensational.

The other dimension of this special event that I really loved was that before, during intermission and after the show, I had the opportunity to talk with many past and present students and their families.

As I drove home, I gave thanks to God for our community and for the many great relationships that exist and have been formed as part of our community.

As I dwelt on this further, I realised that as human beings, we are inescapably social beings. Whenever we try to live a ‘they and I’ style of relationship it always seems to fall apart as we our living outside one of the basic laws of humanity. We are made to relate not only to God but also to each other! This is why in the first book of the Bible, The Old Testament Book of Genesis it states in Chapter 2 verse 18, “It is not good for man to live alone.” (The New International Version) In Genesis 1:27 it tells us “God created man in His own image... male and female, He created them.”

As human beings, we are created by God to enjoy each other’s company. These verses refer us to the larger issue, that within the God-given joy of being unique individuals, we can know what it is to be truly human by being in good relationship with each other. This is something each of us enjoys each day because we belong to the Heathdale community.

Our relationship with our fellow human beings, as well as with God, have helped to make us who we are. Unfortunately, if someone feels like they do not belong, then often they do not have a clear sense of their own identity.

In his book 'The Shape of Living', author, David F. Ford writes about the "community of the heart" made up of all the voices and faces we have given home to. Many of these voices and faces are permanent residents, giving warmth and nourishment when we think of them. David F. Ford goes on to say, "other voices and faces make us feel less comfortable, brining a challenge to our conscience or a sting to our memory."

Inside us live the faces and voices of those who built us up, energised us and believed in us. But alongside of them also are the faces and voices of those who have put us down.

Yet as a community that is committed to following Jesus Christ, we would want to let each member know that no matter how many negative faces and voices we have seen or heard, when Jesus Christ lives in our hearts as the Chief Guest, He enlarges our capacity for heart felt hospitality.

As a community committed to following Jesus Christ, we would hope and pray that through His love working in each of us, we can extend our boundaries to give a touch and taste of Jesus to all we meet.

This is significant reason why our community is special and it is the Staff’s and my prayer that everyone in our community is able to experience the blessing of being part of our community every day.


Ross Grace
Executive Principal