Heathdale flower 26th April 2024

The First of Many Camp Adventures

Year 3 students from our Werribee Campus experienced their inaugural Day Camp this week, where they focused on teamwork skills, built confidence for future adventures, and appreciated God's creation through engaging activities.

Heathdale flower

On Wednesday 24th April, the Year 3s at our Werribee Campus enjoyed an exciting Day Camp – their first introduction to school camps! During the camp, students focused on three key areas:

1. Building Teamwork Skills: At our day camp, teamwork took centre stage. Through various engaging activities, students grew in crucial teamwork skills that will benefit them in school and beyond. From problem-solving challenges to athletic activities, puzzles and games, each activity promoted student collaboration and cooperation.

2. Preparing for Future Adventures: Our day camp provided the perfect opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the camp environment and build confidence for future overnight adventures. By participating in a range of activities in a supportive setting, students gained valuable experiences and created lasting memories.

3. Enjoying God’s Creation: While outdoors engaging in various activities, students appreciated and reflected on God’s awesomeness and amazing creation.

We talked to students about their favourite activities and what they learnt. Here’s what they had to say!

Willow (3A) liked archery because she got a strike, and she learnt to never give up and keep trying.
Ava (3D) found it fun being around water and learnt not to run around the pool.
Tony's (3B) choice was basketball, where he learned the importance of teamwork over individual efforts.
Sean (3C) enjoyed archery for the sensation of pulling the arrow and learnt how to kick a ball properly.
Alannah's (3E) favourite was the scream race, where she learned the importance of taking a big breath before screaming.