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Teaching Students to Pray

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to pray with your child. Here is a helpful guide based on the Lord's Prayer that you can use to pray with your child at home.

Heathdale flower

We pray at school all the time with the children. We know that at home, sometime this isn't as easy as it sounds. At the end of a hard day, sometimes it is difficult to focus with your child and say prayers.

Recently, this prayer structure was given to me by one of our pastors, Luke Nelson, to try and give me some structure in my enormous prayer list! It has helped me, so I wanted to share in case it would be helpful for you and your children. You will be able to see if it based on the Lord's prayer - what better way is there for us to learn?

- Firstly, thank God He is your Father and that He loves and cares for you
- Thank God that He is in heaven and has a big perspective over things
- Thank God that He will always be God, and while you may not be able to see the big picture right now, He can
- Ask God to help you in this moment to trust Him
- Pray this moment will help your faith to grow
- Acknowledge His desire for you is good and even though it might not feel good, ask Him to help you submit to His will
- Come back to your specific prayer requests - e.g. Lord please help my child with their NAPLAN tests this week so he/she is not nervous
- Ask for forgiveness for anything that you may have done wrong
- Praise God again and know that He has heard your prayer


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