Heathdale flower 20th June 2019

Teaching Our Kids to Explore

From Lego incursions, trips to see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and our Year 1's Space Day, the students have had lots of space to explore their passion.

Heathdale flower

It has been an exciting term of learning for our students. They and our staff are almost ready for the upcoming holiday break. Teachers have been reviewing and assessing student learning for this current reporting period, and we are pleased to see that overall every single student has made individual and significant progress throughout this term. Not only have they been engaged in their learning on site, but they have also enjoyed excellent excursions and incursions which have served to broaden their experiences, while supporting curriculum offerings. The valuable involvement in activities and the rich learning that is enabled, assists students to experience new and challenging concepts and ideas. This week our Year 1 students have been investigating Space, with our emerging astronauts and rocket engineers exploring planets, meteors and shooting stars!

‘When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place.’ Psalm 8:3

It has been great to see these students’ enthusiasm and imagination grow alongside their scientific vocabulary and investigative skills. We do encourage students to continue to explore and research this topic through Library visits over the coming holidays, too. Our Year 3 classes enjoyed the recent Lego incursions of design technology, building and making, while our Year 4 students were enthralled by their visit to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Yesterday our Prep students were entertained by a performance by Musica Viva. These are great opportunities to speak to your children and develop further inquiry and interest.  

A reminder to all parents that our fortnightly prayer time and the last for this term will occur next Monday 24th June, 8.35am in the Junior School Office. We hope to see you there. 

Kinder parents are also reminded that the Kindergarten program will operate in the week of Monday 15th July to Friday 19th July.
JS Assembly

Our final Assembly this term will be held over two separate sessions on Tuesday 25th June. The first Assembly will begin at 9.40am and the second at 11.00am. This will allow more time for our assembly and fit everyone into the venue. Parents as always are welcome to attend. Semester 1 Awards, including Timothy Awards will be distributed. We hope you can join us for this celebration of the end of a most productive and enjoyable semester. Please note this is a private College function and therefore photos or videos of this event are not permitted. Thank you for your support and understanding.
Classes attending each assembly is as follows: 

9:40am – PC PN PL PP 1D 1G 1W 2C 2H 3K 3Z 4C 4L

11:00am – PD PE PW 1E 1H 1S 2B 2R 3C 3O 4G 4P

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher interviews are by teacher invitation or parent request and will be held on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June in the Resource Centre. Semester 1 reports will be distributed on Monday 24th June. Online bookings are now open for scheduled Parent Teacher interviews in the Parent Centre section of the Heathdale website: www.heathdale.vic.edu.au/parent-centre/your-child/

Lost Property

Please ensure your child brings home all uniform items, lunch boxes and drink containers. Several lost items are available in the JS Office for you or your child to collect.

Important Dates

Term 2

Friday 28th June – Last day of Term 2
Term 3

Monday 22nd July – Students commence Term 3
Tuesday 30th July – JS Assemblie
Friday 20th September – Student Free Day

Term 4

Monday 7th October – Students commence Term 4
Monday 4th November & Tuesday 5th November – Heathdale Holiday & Melbourne Cup Holiday (all students)
Friday 22nd November – Student Free Day (Kinder sessions as normal)
Wednesday 11th December – Last day for students

Letters Sent Home

13th June

Music incursion note (Prep)
June Science incursion note (Year 1)
Mathletics note (Year 1)
Technology incursion (Year 2)

14th June
History note (PD & PW)
First Fleet note (Year 4)

19th June
Movie note (4G)