Heathdale flower 13th May 2021

Teachers Go Back to School

Our teachers went back to school last week and had to sit an exam!

Heathdale flower

Several staff were involved in LEM Phonics training last week culminating in an exam on the third day of training. LEM Phonics is a phonics-based literacy program that teaches writing, reading and spelling simultaneously to ensure children use all five senses to enhance their learning.

I continue to be impressed with our staff who strive for new information and research, and put their hand to the plough, working hard to add to student teaching programs and College life.

Staff engaging with professional learning is not only of huge value to their development, but it’s also a way we can keep touch with and understand a learner’s world. It helps us experience the effort students must employ as new information or unfamiliar concepts are introduced. It helps us empathise with students who must study, review and at times also prepare for and sit an exam or a test. We also understand giving feedback to students on their results is valuable for them, helping them to gain insight and have worthwhile conversations on how they had engaged with their learning and what may come next.

This week our Year 3 and Year 5 students sat NAPLAN tests. We were pleased to see them respond positively to instructions and take part in each task. These assessments are just one way students can gain feedback about their concentrated effort. Whatever the results, we congratulate our students for their studious attitude to do their best. We will continue to encourage our students to use feedback on all assessments taken as a springboard to further their understanding as this year continues.

Last week, Primary students enjoyed a variety of learning activities. Year 4 had a History incursion, Preps had their annual Happy Hat Day, Gateways occurred for our extension students and all of our Year 1s visited the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in Melbourne. These were all enjoyable experiences that with hopefully create lasting ideas impressions our students may continue to reflect on.

Walk To School Day — Friday 14th May

All primary students are encouraged to take part in this annual state-wide event and walk to school on Friday. Walking alongside students allows us all to have a practical conversation about road rules and traffic safety, and the important things to remember when traveling near cars. We look forward to seeing many of our students come to school with stories of their travels!