Heathdale flower 28th April 2023

Taylor Takes the Win at Werribee Secondary’s Athletics Carnival

While it was raining and windy during our Werribee Secondary Swimming Carnival, it didn't dampen the House spirit we saw on the day! Congratulations to Taylor House for securing first place.

Heathdale flower

Wednesday 29th March was a wet, windy day. The started off with a cold breeze, turning into a cold and wet morning but we ended the day with beautiful sunshine and a great atmosphere.

We were able to get some of the events off and running before the rain hit, however, when the rain did come down, it came down for a considerable amount of time. Spirits were still high and some of the students even wanted to compete in the rain. I know the feeling of wanting to go running in the rain – it isn’t everyone cup of tea, but it is quite fun!

Back to the athletics day, once the rain passed, we were able to get almost all of the events finished and completed. Only the High Jump was cancelled for the day, due to safety concerns, however, we were able to complete the High Jump at school later that week. Students ran, sprinted, jumped and threw themselves as fast and as far as they could.

One of the highlights was seeing Sebastian Panakkal complete the triple jump where he broke the school record easily!

A new and technologically up-to-date timing gates were used for all the running events. Students had a great time being able to get accurate times for their races. Even the field event results were recorded with ease. A special thankyou to the school for helping us purchase the timing gates which will be used across both campuses and in both Primary and Secondary.

After Friday’s High Jump results were entered, the final positions could be calculated.

4th – Carey

3rd – Judson

2nd – Stanway

1st – Taylor

Well done to all students who competed and a special thankyou to all those students who entered an event just to help out their House.

Age group champions are as follows:

13 Male – Noah Redmond

13 Female – Clara Stojanovski

14 Male – Jahn Manam

14 Female – Aston Boothby

15 Male – Fracis Pannakal

15 Female – Lyla Parker

16 Male – Joshua Galea & Dennis Sharady

16 Female – Jessica Pham

17 Male – Ethan Tun

18 Male – Jack Beech

18 Female – Hannah Quinn & Holy Dolny

Well done to all for a great day!