Heathdale flower 22nd August 2019

Taegan’s Drive Takes Him to Nationals

Taegan first picked up a golf club when he was 2, now – still only 11 – he's representing the state of Victoria at the Nationals.

Heathdale flower

Year 5 student, Taegan, first picked up a golf club when he was two and a half years old. His uncle, an avid golfer, gave him his first club and the toddler putted his way around the lounge room. When he was four, he’d have sleepovers at his uncle’s place so they could hit the course early in the morning. He went on to play his first pennant competition at six years old, and now — still only 11 years old — he can drive a golf ball 200 metres!

Recently, At the School Sports Victoria U12 Golf trials hosted by Golf Australia at the Sandhurst Golf Club, Taegan was one of eight boys selected to represent Victoria at the Nationals, which are held in Toowoomba in November.

“I didn’t play that well,” said Dodds, who still made the team on an off day. “I shot 92, I usually shoot 87.” He rates his short game and is handy with a putter, too. Every day after school, he does his homework then heads out onto the course. “I live on the golf course in Sanctuary Lakes, which makes it a bit easier.”

“I want to keep playing,” said Taegan, saying his goal was “to become a professional” just like his favourite golfers Jordan Spieth and Jason Day.

Well done Taegan!