Heathdale flower 26th February 2020

Swimming Carnival & Career-defining Moments

This year's House Competition got underway with a splash. Also, it's never too early to start the conversation about your child's future — we already have.

Heathdale flower

Swimming Carnival

Our Secondary Swimming Carnival was held last Thursday and culminated in a clear win for Taylor House! Mighty efforts in the pool were complemented by enthusiastic supporters and strong House spirit throughout the day. A delicious sausage sizzle helped keep the hunger at bay, as well as raising much-needed funds for Rehoboth Children’s Home in the Philippines. It was the largest swimming carnival Heathdale has ever held thanks to the new combined House competition. Special applause go to Mrs Steane and Mr Parker for all their organisation prior to the day and our team of House Leaders for facilitating such strong competition between the teams. Our Athletics day is next month and I’m sure all the Houses will be keen to win back some ground from Taylor’s early lead.

Mobile Phone Policy

Thank you to all our parents who have already signed our new Mobile Phone Policy page in the Secondary student diary. We are encouraging our students to switch off and keep their phone in a safe place while at school. Record numbers of phones are being safely stored by staff aides each morning, ensuring that students don’t have to worry about missing or damaged phones and can concentrate on learning throughout the day without distraction. If you haven’t read our new policy yet, please ask to see your child’s diary to keep up to date with our expectations in this area.

What Would You Like to Do When You Grow Up?

One of the frequent questions I’m asked by parents is how we support students in Secondary to make subject and pathways decisions as they head towards senior secondary. Thinking through subject and career choices is not a one-off event – it’s an ongoing conversation all the way through the senior secondary years.

Through our dedicated Careers classes in Years 9 and 10, we develop students’ understanding of the world of work, and develop job-seeking and workplace skills that allow them to approach employment opportunities with confidence. We also support students to undertake optional work experience in the later secondary years.

This week, all of our Year 10 students and parents were invited to school for an information evening about their career guidance test – the Morrisby Test – which they recently completed online. The Morrisby Test provides detailed information offering insights into individual strengths and potential, suggesting matching careers and pathways. The results provide students, parents and teachers the basis for ongoing conversations about further pathways and potential areas of study and employment.

We also have a talented Pathways Coordinator, Mrs Vicky Bawden, who is qualified to counsel students and families about career paths and further education and training options. As our students approach critical subject and course decisions, Mrs Bawden conducts personal interviews with students and families as they consider options for post-secondary life.

We encourage families to take an active part in the ongoing conversation that is happening at school with your child about their dreams and plans for life post-school. It’s never too early to start!