Heathdale flower 01st September 2021

Superhero Dads

Let's hear it for the dads and father figures of the Heathdale community!

Heathdale flower

Hail to our heroes and dads who have had to pivot to new skills, some discovering new superpowers.

This weekend, our students will say thank you to our dads and father figures on Father’s Day. Dads, grandads, uncles and big brothers are all very special people in every home. Even now, while our community playgrounds are quiet and limited, our adventures with our dads may still be occurring just outside our back doors. Indeed, for some the playground we once enjoyed may even have moved into our house or garage!

We are grateful to our dads who are still continuing to help us use our childlike imagination to build, explore and construct new and exciting contraptions. We praise the dads who are there cooking, talking through school work, and patiently reading that favourite story for the third time before sleep overwhelms. For the handyman dads helping teach new building skills, and those encouraging their child to try or investigate new forms of inquiry and research, we are thankful.

Through it all, we appreciate our dads and father figures, and we say thank you for your love and care and the help you provide to your child and family.

A recent brochure I read from Focus on the Family outlined seven traits a father figure can bring to our households. I hope this will be an encouragement to all the special dads in our Heathdale community:

The 7 Traits of a Superpower Dad

Adaptability – flexibility when plans change

Respect – affirming the identity of each individual in your household

Intentionality – being present and connected to develop relationships

Boundaries – setting family boundaries and balance in the ebb and flow of life's challenges

Love – the foundation of a strong parent child relationship and others’ focus

Grace and Forgiveness – glue that maintains healthy relationships and as shown to us by our example of our Lord and Saviour Jesus

Gratitude – perspective to guide with a positive outlook

This Sunday we say thank you for being a great dad and very special part of our family!

*Focus on the Family Australia - for more info and resources visit: families.org.au

Honour your father and mother, this is the first commandment with a promise, that it may go well with you…and... fathers… bring your children up in the instruction of the Lord. Ephesians 6:2