Heathdale flower 28th October 2021

Sunshine Days!

The only thing better than sunshine is enjoying it safely - don't forget your hats!

Heathdale flower

There’s a feeling of joy around the campus this week. The yard is full of the chatter of meeting and greeting friends face-to-face and enjoying being together. And it seems like the sun has come out just in time. And so, it’s time to find... our hats!

We are aware that access to our uniform shop has not been possible for quite a while and that it will take time for families to be able to make adjustments for uniform needs. However, please ensure your child has a hat every day for wearing outdoors. Not only is this necessary for break times, but we are seeking to make use of outside spaces when suitable for some classes as well. A hat is vital for sun safety.

If you are unable to access a navy school hat, then please send a temporary alternative – any hat with shade is better than no hat!