Heathdale flower 26th May 2023

Study Time

Revision week and exams are here for our secondary students! Learn more about what is expected for students and families and check out important exam dates.

Heathdale flower

All our Year 7-11 students are moving into revision week and exams. The time leading up to exams has meant a busy couple of weeks beforehand for finalising other assessment tasks like assignments and revising the semester’s work.

Families can support students in this time by encouraging great routines like healthy eating, good sleeping habits and finding the time to stay active and keeping a balanced perspective. Our students have been encouraged to write a study timetable plan and share this with you so that you are aware of how they are managing their time this week.

Please note that only Year 11 students are free to leave the campus during exam week when they do not have exams. It is an expectation that Years 7-10 students will attend the full school day according to normal school hours.

Our dates for exams are as follows:

- Year 11 exams run from Thursday 25th May till Thurs 1st June
- Year 9 & 10 exams run from Tuesday 30st May to Thurs 1st June
- Year 7 & 8 exams run Wed 31st June to Thurs 1st June

Please note that Friday, 2nd of June is a student-free day for Secondary students. Exam papers and reports will be occupying teachers at school while students have a well-earned rest.