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Student Leadership Opportunities

Leadership opportunities aren't just for the captains, they're for all our students.

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Throughout the year, our secondary students have many opportunities to lead others. Learning to lead helps our students to develop confidence, collaboration, citizenship and communication. It also promotes a greater student voice within the life of the college. Whether these experiences are short term – taking charge of a one-off discussion group in class – or ongoing experiences like the leadership of a House, any leadership experience provides opportunity for student development and growth.

The development of character is just as important as the development of our greatest gifts and talents. Imagine the brilliant oratory of Dr Martin Luther King Jr without the accompanying compassion and principles with which he applied his talent. Consider the extraordinary journeys of Edmund Hilary without the character traits of bravery and endurance. Our values and character enable us to rightly guide our talent so that our abilities do not become self-serving but have the opportunity to bless others and ultimately to glorify God.

In Secondary this year, we have School Captains, House Captains and Class Captains. Additionally, many of our Year 9 students are currently in the process of applications and interviews for Student Leadership positions in our Years 7-9 Module in the areas of the Arts, Sports and Service. These leadership positions will facilitate student initiatives and involvement across the Year 7-9 Learning Module but these leaders will also work in collaboration with our College Captains on various Secondary projects. Mentoring from older students is a vital part of growing strong leaders within the College.

While a specific position is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, nobody needs a title to begin to be a leader. Students are encouraged to see their daily school life as an opportunity to serve others, lead by example, and seek out opportunities to collaborate and work for the good of many. We are always encouraged to see the dynamic and enthusiastic ways in which students contribute to our life together as a learning community.