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Student Insights from 2023 Careers Week

Our Careers Week was a hit with our Year 10s. Hear their thoughts about their time spent exploring diverse career options, hearing from guest speakers and gaining new perspectives for their future pathways.

Heathdale flower

Our 2023 Careers Week, which ran from the 21st – 23rd of August, was well-received by Year 10s students at both our Melton and Werribee campuses.

This week offered exposure to various career options, featuring a mix of guest speakers from different professions – some of which were past Heathdale students – which encouraged current students to reflect and consider their subject choices in light of future pathways. Students provided positive feedback, appreciating the different dynamic to regular school days, including being able to wear formal attire, visit off-campus venues, and hear from diverse guest speakers who shared personal career journeys and inspired them to think differently about their own future possibilities.

Many students commented on how the insights offered in these sessions caused them to think significantly differently. Students were also reminded how hard work, application to tasks and purposeful activity can lead to positive results, even results that exceed expectations.

Check out some our students’ thoughts on Careers Week below!

What is something you learned from the guest speakers?

“There are many options, and you have to find the one which is right for you.”

“Even if you take an unconventional pathway, you can still end up where you want to go.”

“God has a plan and purpose for you.”

“Succeeding in VCE doesn’t just mean studying all day and every day. You need a good balance of social, mental and physical health.”

“If you have a good idea, stick to it and continue to work on it.”

“It’s never too early to start your own business.”

“Having a bad start doesn't mean that you are bound to fail, patience is the key to success.”

“Every job needs passion, love and hard work for the career to be fulfilling.”

How has Careers Week helped you to think about future career choices?

“It gave me more clarity how subject selections and the different pathways I could take.”

“It has made me think more about VCE VM. I never thought of that as an option.”

“It has made me less stressed.”

“It made me think of all the opportunities I have.”

What is something you learned that has caused you to think differently?

“All the speeches made me think that I'm actually going do to something I like.”

"Quitters never win, and winners never quit." Richard Boothby (Co-Founder of Switch Telecom)

“With patience, unachievable things could be achievable.”

“Hearing the journey of how people got to their careers made me think that it doesn't all need to be figured out now. That got me to think differently and take pressure off myself.”

Andrew Blowers: Motivational Speaker & Ex All Blacks Rugy Player
Richard Boothby: Co-Founder of Switch Telecom
Madeline Parker-Hill: Animator on Bluey ABC
Ally Ibrahim: Lawyer
Jesse McCarthy: Aerospace Engineer for ADF
Madison Rex: Accountant
Jasmine Cotton: Osteopath
Matt Wilson: Architect
G Force: Tafe & Pathways